Seat Cushions

Standard: Spring-Down All seat cushions are produced with a Spring-Down seat cushion as the standard appointment unless otherwise noted on the style page. Each seat cushion is supported by a center coil of springs which is surrounded by two inches of ultra cell foam rubber. The center support system is wrapped in down, feathers and fiber, all enclosed in a down proof ticking fabric. Our standard seat cushion provides a medium firm

Option: Poly-Down For a softer seat cushion, our poly-down option is constructed from a center 2” Ultracel foam and surrounded by down blend which is enclosed in a down proof ticking fabric.

Option: Down Blend For the maximum desired softness in a seat cushion, the down blend seat cushion is constructed from down, feathers, and fiber enclosed in a down proof ticking.

Leather Seat Cushion On the bottom of our leather seat cushions will be half leather and half denim. This is so the seat cushion can breath through the denim, leaving the cushion to be full and comfortable.

Please note that depending on use, fluffing and maintenance will be necessary with all cushions