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Express Program

Our express program is being set up with our designers in mind. We are offering to you and your clients a quick and easy program to guarantee that your order will be completed within 4 weeks!

Due to the fact that this is an Express Program, we will not be able to customize our frames or upholstery applications.

To Insure your 4 week delivery date, we must receive a 50% deposit, purchase order, and all fabrics and trims promptly. From the date of the receipt of the above, your order will be expedited.

Please remember to add approximately 1 week for shipping.

Or course, there is always one exception to the rule, and for us it will be the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. We expect that the express orders will be coming in rapidly prior to the holidays.
The cut-off date for the Express Program orders will be September 29th and we will resume on
January 2nd of the following year.

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