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Nailhead Board

Standard nailhead size is 1CM Larger nailhead options are available in 1.5CM, 2CM, 2.25CM, and 2.5CM



Please see the top row for our standard nailheads (#1009).

The top row is also the color options for our standard and custom nailheads


Fun Facts:
The Worshipful Company of Upholders. This is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London. “Upholder” is an archaic word for “upholsterer”. In past times upholders carried out not just the manufacture and sale of upholstered goods but were cabinet makers, undertakers, soft furnishers, auctioneers and valuers. The organization was formed on 1 March 1360 and officially incorporated by a Royal Charter granted by Charles I in the 1626. The Company originally had the right to set standards for upholstery within London, and to search, seize and destroy defective upholstery. The organizations purpose today is; “To Uphold the livery of the Upholders, ensuring it continues to flourish. Upholding the craft of the Upholder and through charitable giving uphold individuals and organizations connected with our trade and Livery.”


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